Modeling & Simulation


  • Payload Design and Performance Modeling
  • Collection Performance Modeling
  • Photogrammetry and Geolocation Modeling
  • Application Software Architecture, Requirements, Design & Development
  • Advanced Visualization & Program Architecture Conceptualization
  • Data/Information/Knowledge Management

Effective Decision Making

Enabled by the Right Information
Provided by Industry Leading Modeling, Simulation & Analysis

IAI’s agile modeling and simulation capabilities enable the successful execution of a multitude of analysis activities for many of our customers. The complex nature of the systems we evaluate requires highly trained IAI engineers and subject matter experts to employ advance models and simulate engineering-level interactions and dependencies with a high level of physical realism. IAI’s capabilities scale from detailed component-level models to cross-system simulations to provide a full range of Modeling, Simulation and Analysis services.

Some examples of IAI M&S tools include:

  • High Fidelity Payload Performance Models (EO/IR/SAR)
  • Orbit and Access Models
  • Mission Planning & Scheduling and Collection Performance Models
  • Photogrammetry and Geolocation Performance Models
  • RF and Optical Communication Link Budget Tools

To effectively build and utilize these tools, the IAI M&S team possesses strong technical backgrounds with detailed system domain knowledge and understanding of system CONOPS. These skills enable IAI to generate and run M&S tools but even more importantly, to fully understand and characterize tool outputs – a key feature which ensures the customer that IAI M&S results are trustworthy.

The IAI M&S team also includes a group of highly-trained software engineers to build these M&S capabilities into shared libraries, standalone applications and web-based services. IAI uses industry standard development methodologies and a common source code repository to promote reuse across the company. IAI has invested in corporate-wide licenses for analysis tools such as MATLAB and Satellite Tool Kit (STK). By leveraging in-house development and available COTS components, IAI can quickly generate and tailor models to the required level of fidelity.

Finally, in order to most effectively support our customers, it is IAI policy that the Government has full purpose rights to IAI M&S tools used to support Government programs.