Enterprise Business Transformation


  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Cost, Schedule, & Risk Analysis
  • Planning, Programming & Budgeting
  • Earned Value
  • Business Analytics


IAI delivers state-of-the-art solutions that enable data-driven business enterprise transformations

Driving efficiency, increasing interoperability and reducing costs are a key priority across the government. Government agencies need to prioritize limited investment dollars and direct them to the right capabilities, systems, programs and resources to meet the mission requirements of today as well as those of tomorrow.

Analysis and the Affordability Challenge

IAI helps our customers transform. From strategic planning and change management to fact-based financial and business analytics, we provide the quantitative information needed to mitigate risk, achieve compliance and successfully navigate affordability.

Business Innovation and Transformation

IAI’s multi-pronged approach enables transformation by streamlining business processes, establishing accountability chains and, most importantly, helping our clients leverage the knowledge, experience and innovation of their organization’s intellectual capital.

Cost Analysis, Estimating and Risk Analysis

We employ a rigorous analytical approach to develop complete life cycle cost estimates and provide detailed program schedules that align activities during the life cycle of the program. We apply a rigorous and defendable risk methodology resulting in probability distributions to assess cost, schedule and technical risk for space, ground, and IT system acquisitions.

Financial and Business Analytics

We use precise statistical, analytical modeling tools and practical methodologies to create strategic plans and integrated, comprehensive solutions that help drive efficiencies and keep costs low.

Planning, Programming and Budgeting

IAI’s financial management experts develop program and budget analysis solutions resulting in Congressional-quality budget exhibits and reports. We help our government clients maintain a flexible spend plan through the development and maintenance of prioritized unfunded requirements lists.