Acquisition Support


  • Performance Management
  • Cost, Schedule & Risk Analysis
  • Source Selection
  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Cost Estimation
  • Independent Review Teams
  • Milestone Reviews
  • Mission Assurance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Case Analysis


IAI delivers state-of-the-art acquisition, procurement and project management solutions

IAI has a large pool of talented Acquisition experts with experience in program management, cost analysis, independent review teams, and management assistance teams. Our professional team of analysts combines multi-disciplinary skills in engineering, economics, and finance to inform government clients on the costs related to the acquisition of complex systems. The challenges of managing the technical and programmatic complexity and interdependency of today’s government programs drive the need for an integrated enterprise requiring specialized expertise to ensure success:

Performance Measurement

  • Develop outcome-based measures of architecture performance
  • Integrate technical performance measures and cost for Business Case Assessments

Cost & Schedule Analysis

  • Utilize flexible, proven techniques to conduct quick-turn “what-if” analyses as the program baseline evolves
  • Identify cost and schedule drivers of alternative approaches
  • Experience bridging the IC and DoD requirements space

Risk Management

  • Identify technology transfer opportunities to reduce technical risk
  • Tailored, analytic models produce distributions for cost, schedule, and technical risk
  • Assess impact of cost/schedule/performance trades


  • Perform independent technical analysis of alternative approaches to material solutions
  • Assess technical performance metrics
  • Devise acquisition approaches to maintain a capable Industrial Base