Systems Engineering & Integration

Systems Engineering & Integration


  • Mission and User Needs Analysis
  • Requirements and Architecture Development
  • Process Engineering
  • Configuration Management
  • Verification and Validation
  • System integration and test phase
  • Readiness and Transition to Operations
  • Early system check-out and Initial Operations
  • Support to Operations
  • Program and Project Planning
  • Program Management
  • Technology Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Assessment
  • Security and Accreditation
  • Specialty Engineering (safety, manufacturing, producibility, cost effectiveness, training support, environmental solutions)

Engineering Integrated Solutions for Mission Success

IAI has extensive experience and specialized expertise in every facet of systems engineering and systems integration. IAI  provides mission-focused, full life cycle Systems Engineering, Integration and Test (SEIT) support to deliver highly interoperable and effective solutions for our customers and mission partners. Moreover, IAI Government customers count on our capabilities in Mission Assurance standards and best practices.

The challenges of managing the technical and programmatic complexity and interdependency of government programs often drive the need for an integrated enterprise requiring a valued and solid enterprise-wide SE&I contractor to perform:

Requirements Development, Review, & Allocation

  • Manage stakeholder needs during study and requirements development phases
  • Develop system requirements documents and provide tools expertise
  • Conceive and Refine Concepts of Operations
  • Identify specialty engineering considerations

Architecture Development

  • Develop alternative system architectures
  • Creation of AoA metrics and employment of analysis tools to evaluate system trades

Analysis of Alternatives

  • Perform technical analysis of alternative approaches to architecture and system solutions
  • Assess technical performance metrics

System Integration

  • Leadership positions in the integration of large complex ISR systems
  • Perform installation and check out of ground and TPED systems
  • Provide requirement verification and validation expertise across the enterprise
  • Deliver experience to bridge the IC and DoD requirements space
  • Devise engineering and security mechanisms to ensure horizontal system security integration

Risk Management

  • Develop balanced risk mitigation strategies
  • Participate in risk assessment, risk planning, conduct risk burn-down and close out