Software Engineering

Software Engineering


  • Real-time data processing
  • Automated analysis, correlation, & alerting
  • Natural language parsing
  • Precision geolocation
  • Sensor modeling
  • 2D/3D geospatial data visualization
  • Augmented reality
  • GPU programming
  • Parallel processing
  • Image Enhancement
  • Precision Imaging
  • Video Processing

Innovative Software Engineering

IAI provides best value services and solutions to our customers based on the creative development and innovative application of relevant systems and technology. IAI specializes in helping our customers visualize the future through enterprise-level software engineering and integration, rapid prototyping, and operational demonstrations.

The constantly-evolving world of software engineering requires that IAI maintain a team of software experts who are knowledgeable in the many facets of the software domain:

Rapid Prototyping using Leading-Edge Technologies

IAI specializes in the use of leading-edge technologies. Whether it’s a new programming language, algorithm optimization using GPUs, or experimentation with a brand new handheld device, we ensure that our skills stay current and relevant. Much of the time, our primary assignment is to quickly prototype, demonstrate, and transition a solution to some of our customer’s toughest software problems.

Full Software Lifecycle Development

While rapid prototyping is the IAI software team’s bread and butter, we also engage in full software lifecycle development for some of our customers, helping projects grow to their maximum potential over longer periods of time. The processes used can be anywhere from agile development frameworks such as Scrum to heavier waterfall methodologies.

Use of a Variety of Programming Languages

IAI software engineers use a large variety of modern software languages to include Java, C++, C#, Objective-C, Scala, Groovy, Perl, Python, and many others. Whatever the project, our engineers identify the best language(s) needed to get the job done.

Multiple Platforms across Multiple Devices

Our large range of customer needs require our software engineers to develop for platforms and devices of all types. This can be anything from large multi-processor servers running Linux to handheld devices running iOS or Android to Windows desktops in between.

Range of Application Architectures

Our engineers work on architectures of various types from heavy clients for one person running locally on a laptop to multi-tiered web-based systems that must be secure, have a high level of performance, and be capable of servicing hundred of users across a wide area network.

Expertise in Geo-temporal Datasets

IAI software engineers work with many different types of customer data, but some of our most prevalent and exciting datasets contain content that is both geospatially and temporally tagged. For this reason, IAI software engineers are experts in identifying, correlating, and visualizing geo-temporal datasets.