Information Technology

Information Technology


  • Enterprise Application Design & Development
  • Cross-domain Visualization & Analysis
  • Real-time situational awareness solutions
  • Multi-source Data Integration & Utilization
  • Web-based Application & Portal Development
  • Software Systems Engineering
  • Architecture Development
  • Configuration & Requirements Management
  • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) Testing

Developing Innovative & Secure Information Technology Solutions to Meet Our Customers’ Most Challenging & Important Needs

Government and commercial organizations, alike, expect and deserve effective, efficient, and modern IT solutions that provide measurable benefits. All too often, however, the solutions they receive only partially meet their needs (or not at all) and quickly become shelf-ware. IAI believes the application of technology should facilitate, enhance, and expedite our customers’ ability to meet their missions in a cost-effective and proficient manner. Our software and systems engineering professionals pride themselves on knowing and understanding our clients’ missions, as well as their most basic and most challenging IT requirements. As a result, we apply the right technologies to develop the right solutions in the right way. At IAI, we don’t simply design, implement, and integrate IT solutions for our customers, we develop IT solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

IAI’s software and systems engineering expertise and experience includes a wide range of IT platforms (J2EE, Ruby on Rails, Groovy on Grails, SharePoint), software languages (Java, C/C++, C#, PHP, XML), development frameworks (Spring, Struts, Hibernate, .Net), standards (JSON, GeoJSON), libraries (Hadoop, Lucene), and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix). Our IT professionals also apply industry best engineering practices, frameworks, standards, and innovations in the design, development, and integration of our clients’ solutions, including Agile, ITIL, and CMMI to name a few. Combined, our software and systems engineering experience and expertise has enabled us to design, develop, and deploy secure, reliable, maintainable, and sustainable enterprise systems, analytical applications, mobile solutions, and business systems for defense, intelligence, homeland security, and civilian agencies, as well as commercial organizations, for more than a decade.