Image & Video Engineering

Image & Video Engineering


IAI recognizes the wealth of tactical knowledge available through today’s imagery and video collection systems. IAI also understands the vast amount of data these systems currently produce, and the challenges of analyzing, storing, and disseminating these data in bandwidth-limited and time-sensitive environments.

As a leader in the fields of imagery science, photogrammetry, and precision targeting, IAI develops advanced capabilities to optimally exploit today’s available imagery and video assets. Our expertise in imagery enhancement, photogrammetric mensuration and camera modeling, and state-of-the-art video processing techniques has made IAI a trusted source for developing automated systems to analyze and manipulate the multitude of rich image and video information currently available to analysts and mission planners. The capabilities delivered by IAI provide its customers with the sophisticated image intelligence-based solutions necessary to best exploit these assets in tactical operations.

Image Enhancement & Analysis

Satellite view of terrain with video grid overlay

Advanced Image Processing Techniques

IAI possesses extensive expertise in image enhancement and analysis techniques to enrich military exploitation operations and mission planning efforts. Our subject matter experts apply multiple avenues of image processing and computer vision theory, including feature extraction, pattern classification, multi-image mosaicking, spatial/frequency filtering, and multi-/hyper-spectral analysis to build solutions that create and improve exploitable imagery intelligence.

Precision Imagery Processing

Computer displays showcasing image analysis

A Leader in Precision Imagery Exploitation

IAI is a leader in the areas of photogrammetry, geo-positioning, mensuration, and rigorous error estimation. Utilizing our expertise in the photogrammetric sciences, IAI builds precision services to support exploitation for targeting, situational awareness, and mission planning focus areas. Our knowledge extends into numerous disciplines including traditional imagery sources (EO, IR, SAR), elevation sources (DTED, LIDAR), multiple operational sources (commercial, tactical), and varying deployment scenarios (handheld, aircraft, ground processing).

Video Processing

Several overlaid video thumbnails

Innovative Video Processing and Content Management Solutions

IAI understands the wealth of spatiotemporal information embedded in full-motion video and applies advanced techniques to extract the most accurate and actionable intelligence from these rich data sources. Proficient in state-of-the-art video processing techniques, IAI possesses critical knowledge in automated scene content extraction, metadata correction and exploitation, optimized trans-coding and compression, super-resolution enhancement, hardware acceleration, and cloud-based distributed processing—all of which provide our customers with the comprehensive background to develop video-based solutions to tactical operations.