Personnel Security Services

Personnel Security Services

  • Managed Facility Security Officer Security Services
  • DSS Inspection & Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) Preparation
  • Assistance with Facility Clearance (FCL) processing
  • Candidate pre-screening, package preparation and associated support for security clearances
  • Assistance with Managing an SCI Security Program
  • Security BIO package preparation for DoD, Intelligence Community (IC), DoE and State Department
  • e-QIP, JPAS, JVS/DISS, Scattered Castles, TALON, ACCS, e-FCL, DISS, NISS and NCCS security database usage
  • Passing DoD and SCI visit requests
  • Assisting in NISPOM compliance
  • Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) / E-Fingerprinting uploads
  • Initial and annual Security Education and Awareness training
  • DoD and SCI indoctrination briefings
  • Insider Threat Program, Policy and Training Development
  • Implementation of DoD security policies (standard practices and procedures, etc.)
  • Assistance with DSS Security Self-Assessments
  • Tailored FSO training


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