Cyber Security, Mission, & Information Assurance

Cyber Security, Mission, & Information Assurance


  • Program Security
  • Program Protection Engineering (P2E)
  • Physical Security
  • Information Assurance
  • Certification & Accreditation (C&A)

Government agencies, including Federal, State, and Local, commercial businesses, organizations, and academic institutions are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks as a result of our global economy and the Internet. Adversaries of all kinds; be they foreign governments, criminal organizations, foreign-owned businesses, and malicious and non-malicious hackers, are relentlessly attempting to steal classified and sensitive information, intellectual property, and personal data. IAI cyber security professionals and solutions can help secure your organization’s information, infrastructure, and personnel from these threats and attacks and prevent your organization’s loss of valuable information, time, and money.


IAI offers organizations experienced, certified, and skilled security professionals whose expertise covers a wide range of program, personnel, physical, and information security engineering services. These services include but are not limited to…

  • Preparation of C&A Packages for Protection Levels (PL) 1 through 5
  • Development of security classification guides and Concepts of Operation (CONOPS)
  • Preparation of System Security Plans (SSPs) and System Security Authorization Agreements (SSAAs)
  • Security inspections, assessments, and mitigation strategies
  • Army Centralized Contracts and Security Portal (ACCS)
  • Scattered Castles Capability
  • Candidate pre-screens and clearance package preparation support
  • SCIF C&A support, including facility designs, fixed facility checklists, and facility security clearance (FCL) requests
  • Support for migration from DCID 6/3 to ICD 503
  • Hardening and encryption of systems, computers, and mobile devices
  • ITAR/EAR consulting, training, and assessment to ensure compliance with export laws and regulations

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