Commercial Space Engineering

Commercial Space Engineering


IAI is the one-stop shop for Space Systems expertise in the Commercial, Civil, Government, and international space industries. We employ the world’s best space experts with experience that spans the entire life cycle of space systems and every discipline and segment of a space system. Our subject matter experts have worked closely with all of the US spacecraft manufacturers, launch vehicle providers and many of the space part vendors. We have extensive experience in manufacturing assurance (including Parts, Materials, and Processing [PMP], qualification testing), audits, risk assessment and anomaly resolution.

IAI offers our commercial cost effective support by applying the right skills to the current needs and requirements of our national and international customers at the right time and at the right level. We dedicate ourselves to exceeding our customers’ expectations and demands. Simply put, we live by our name and reputation.

Where & When You Need Us

Incorporated:  March 25, 1998 in the Commonwealth of Virginia
Established:  January 1999
Headquarters:   Chantilly, VA
Employees:  > 500 nationwide
NAICS Code:  541712, Research & Development in Physical Engineering & Life Sciences (except bio-technology)
UNSPSC Code:  80111614, Temporary Engineering Services
Business Categories:  Engineering & Consulting Services, Systems Software Development Services

Our People

IAI is a mix of senior engineers, programmers, scientists, and operations specialists. Our broad and deep skill sets enable us to address any space system need. IAI has Commercial, Civil and Government experience employing the world’s best space experts with hundreds of years of insight on space technology.

  • Over 22 years average engineering experience
  • Hands on experience with all the critical space system components
  • Multiple skill sets to address any space system need
  • Most of our employees hold technical degrees and over half, advanced degrees
  • Nearly all IAI employees hold security clearances

From design and technology maturation assessments to on-orbit anomaly analysis; from component-level analysis to systems-level performance analysis; from satellite systems, to ground systems, to launch vehicles to specialized engineering topics of interest – IAI can provide your technical needs in a cost-effective, fully ITAR-compliant manner.

IAI is a Highly Trusted, Fully ITAR-Compliant, US Company

Our Services

Our Proven Business Model

IAI provides a full range of space systems engineering, technical and engineering services. With our broad and deep space technology expertise, IAI can provide the technical analysis for your needs. We cover the entire life cycle of space systems, including all critical components, with hands on experience at every level.

IAI has the infrastructure and a proven business model to deliver a cost-effective solution to meet your every challenge across the space industry. We have a dedicated sector that manages our pool of subject matter experts and their tasking. After carefully considering the task at hand, we tailor the team composition to meet your needs .During the activity, additional expertise may be needed, and we efficiently and effectively roll our expertise on and off the team. IAI provides flexible team structures to match skill sets with budgets. Over the past seven years, we have successfully executed this construct for numerous activities and customers. Whether it is a risk assessment on the use of an emerging technology or an anomaly investigation, we deliver cost-effective solutions with flexible teams that match your need with appropriate skill sets.

IAI Commercial Space Engineering Business Model

Our Capabilities

IAI experts cover the entire life cycle of space systems including all the critical components with hands on experience at every level.

In addition to the breadth and depth of our knowledge of space systems, one aspect that sets IAI apart from other space consultants is that we are also leaders in several emerging technologies and specialty areas that are growing in importance and understanding.

Some of these specialty areas include:

  • Space Debris
  • Radiation Effects & Ground Testing
  • Counterfeit Parts
  • Fault Management
  • Focal Plane Array Technologies
  • Advanced Processor Technologies
  • Cyber Security


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