Small Business Teams With Dayton Originals and Industry Veterans

DAYTON, OH – Team Integrity announced this week that they have entered the competition for the Advanced Technical Exploitation Program (ATEP) II contract. ATEP II is a $960 million contract in support of the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Team Integrity is led by Integrity Applications Incorporated (IAI) an award-winning, veteran-owned small business with strong GEOINT and MASINT technical expertise and presence within the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense.

Team Integrity was a purpose-built team consisting of a blend of small and large companies including two Dayton originals, Macaulay-Brown and Woolpert, as well as industry veterans Leidos (formerly SAIC) and General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems. Team Integrity brings extensive technical capabilities and the right mix of incumbency to limit transition risk for this critical program while adding new, small business partners that will provide NASIC access to fresh ideas and next-generation technologies.

Steve Phipps, Senior Vice President at Woolpert believes “the Air Force’s small business approach to the new NASIC contract is refreshing and will promote innovation within the Intelligence Community. Woolpert, an established company in the Dayton area for more than a century, will benefit from more access and be able to offer fresh solutions through our IAI team. I really think this is a win-win for the Air Force and the local business community.”

Robert D. Thomas, Vice President for Analytical Services Division at IAI feels the same. “We believe the strategic partnerships we’ve established with local businesses – small and large – will be key to Team Integrity’s success and will complement IAI’s own deep expertise in the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance realm. Our ‘best athlete’ approach to awarding work to our teammates will allow us to tap the wealth of knowledge resident in companies like Woolpert.”

Gordon D. Issler, Director of Advanced Analytic Programs and ATEP program manager for Leidos echoed Rob Thomas’ comments. “New strategic partnerships are critical to bringing to bear new expertise whether it be to lead technical innovation or to provide relevant, hard won operational know how. We look forward to being a member of Team Integrity, and assisting NASIC in ‘pivoting to the Pacific’ as noted in the President’s 2013 National Security Strategy.” Issler is a former NASIC Group Commander and three tour veteran of the Western Pacific, including time as the Director of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance for the Seventh Air Force.

“Discontinuous change brought about by on-boarding new primes for ATEP II is a key to tackling future threats faced by the United States and spurs innovative solutions, something Dayton is well known for” added David J. Dzaran, President of IAI. Dzaran, a former Air Force officer and NASIC alumnae, also pointed out that IAI is no newcomer to the Dayton area and has supported key customers at WPAFB since 2007 to include the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center and the Air Force Research Laboratory. A successful bid on ATEP II by Team Integrity will enable IAI to continue adding to its Dayton operations, a key objective of the company.