IAI Supports Saber Focus Project

Chantilly, Virginia – The Secretary of the Navy has awarded a Meritorious Unit Citation to the Navy Unit which supported the Saber Focus Project. Five members of Integrity Applications Incorporated (IAI) were part of the Saber Focus Team. Saber Focus was a high-priority CNO project that innovated new Navy Irregular Warfare concepts in support of Special Forces. IAI was hand-picked to provide engineering leadership and support for a very small, elite Saber Focus project office team. The IAI team led the technical development, integration, testing and operational transition of a complex multi-INT ISR package which conducted an operational demonstration for a Joint Special Operations Task Force (JSOTF) from Oct 2009 through Feb 2011 in the African theater. The deployed capability included multiple, specially-modified MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aircraft carrying SIGINT, EO/IR and SAR sensors, a custom ground control station (GCS), various ground support equipment, an operations support and intelligence analysis cell, and the ability to control the payloads remotely. The very successful deployment flew over 4,585 mishap-free hours during 277 operational sorties and disseminated more than 245 post-mission summaries and 300 critical post-mission products in direct support of JSOTF priority intelligence requirements.

IAI’s Engineering support team facilitated many activities of the SF project, both technical and non-technical because of their unique qualifications and skills. IAI established and ran the configuration management (CM) process, the Engineering Change Review Board (ECRB) and the Configuration Change Board (CCB) processes to sustain the total system throughout the deployment. The CM effort processed 9 CCBs, 18 ECRBs, 105 change requests and over 100 technical orders along with 7 revisions to the interim flight clearances needed to support flight operations. The IAI team engineered the integrated line-of-sight (LOS) and beyond LOS (SATCOM) communications architecture needed to support both UAS flight operations and payload data dissemination. IAI provided engineering support to the arduous task of gaining the proper certification and accreditation (C&A) approvals to operate those classified systems across both LOS and BLOS for CONUS testing for several months at China Lake NAWC-WD in California and for OCONUS operations.

About IAI
Founded in 1999, Integrity Applications Incorporated (IAI) is an award-winning engineering and software services company with a nationwide presence primarily supporting the Intelligence Community (IC), and other civil, defense and intelligence customers with a focus on Government space and surveillance reconnaissance systems activities. IAI provides high-quality, unconflicted technical and engineering services that enhance the national security of the United States. Headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia, with additional offices in California, Maryland, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Massachusetts, IAI is a veteran-owned firm whose founders have combined 60-plus years of experience in end-to-end satellite ground data processing system design, analysis, development, integration and operations. To learn more about Integrity Applications Incorporated, visit www.integrity-apps.com.