IAI Awarded Patent For SASHA Technology

CHANTILLY, VA – Integrity Applications Incorporated (IAI) is pleased to announce that its work with “Synthetic Aperture imaging aided by Spatial Homodyning Applications (SASHA)” technology was issued Patent No. 8,913,149 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on December 16, 2014.

SASHA is a coherent imaging system that uses a laser to illuminate the scene or object to be imaged.  The light reflected from the object is imaged to a focal plane array.  A small fraction of the laser illumination is redirected at the source and is collimated and used to illuminate, at a small angle to the normal, the light sensor. This light serves as a reference.  The light sensor thus detects the intensity of the coherent addition of the object and the tilted plane wave reference light.  The two-dimensional data from the light sensor is digitally processed to form the synthetic aperture image.   Results to date show that SASHA enables imaging at resolutions up to 10 times the diffraction limit.

“Over the last 15 years, IAI has continuously invested in its people and in new technologies,” said Kenneth A. Abeloe, the company’s Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer and co-founder of IAI.   “By encouraging bright ideas and fostering a work environment where innovation can thrive, our world-class scientists and engineers continue to come up with the ideas and approaches that are so valued by the customers we support.   I believe that SASHA is representative of the innovative and customer-focused approach that characterizes IAI.”

About IAI
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