IAI Acquires Pacific Defense Solutions, LLC

CHANTILLY, Virginia – Integrity Applications Incorporated (IAI) announced today that it has acquired Pacific Defense Solutions, LLC (PDS). PDS is located in Kihei, Maui and specializes in space surveillance and scientific technical services. IAI is an award-winning nationwide engineering and software services company supporting the intelligence community and other civil, defense and commercial customers. The acquisition of PDS by IAI unites the strengths of both organizations in such a way that the combined company will be able to achieve opportunities that neither organization could have achieved individually. Working together as a single business entity, IAI and PDS will be better positioned to support customer mission areas and requirements, now and in the future.

“PDS’s leadership team has done an outstanding job building a solid and successful organization with the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide customers with the tools and technology for space situational awareness and space control,” said IAI Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Joseph L. Brickey. “Both IAI and PDS share a strong commitment to Above and Beyond customer results and company cultures that are fueled by innovation and technical excellence. By joining forces, we will leverage the strengths of both organizations to deliver customers with superior products, tools and resources that exceed customer expectations and demands.”

“IAI and PDS together will provide even greater value for our customers and more opportunities for our employees,” said Wesley Freiwald, President of PDS. “IAI’s high quality system engineering, integration and acquisition expertise as well as their innovation software solutions compliment the services and solutions offered by PDS today. Both companies share a strong commitment to world-class service and customer-focused results. This merger is an opportunity to glean the best from each company and improve upon what we bring to all of our customers.”

IAI has established a new PDS Business Area within the IAI Program Operations team. The IAI PDS Business Area is led by Wesley Freiwald and is based in Kihei, Maui. By creating a PDS Business Area, IAI ensures continuity for PDS customers and employees. IAI is also demonstrating its commitment to grow business in Maui and in the state of Hawaii. Over time, IAI will add customers and employees to the PDS Business Area, enhancing its ability to deliver results for all customers and increasing opportunities for employees, both in Hawaii and nationwide.

About IAI
Founded in 1999, Integrity Applications Incorporated (IAI) is an award-winning engineering and software services company with a nationwide presence primarily supporting the Intelligence Community (IC), and other civil, defense, intelligence and commercial customers with a focus on Government space and surveillance reconnaissance systems activities. IAI provides high-quality, unconflicted technical and engineering services that enhance the national security of the United States. IAI’s headquarters are in Chantilly, Virginia, with additional offices in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio and Pennsylvania. IAI employees work on customer sites nationwide. To learn more about Integrity Applications Incorporated, visit www.integrity-apps.com.

About PDS
Founded in 2006, Pacific Defense Solutions is based in Kihei, Hawaii. PDS provides world class engineering and scientific services for government and commercial customers. The PDS team’s expertise in space surveillance have made them a critical asset in the Space Situational Awareness and space control communities. Customers include the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles (RV) and Directed Energy (RD) Directorates, DARPA, NAVSEA, the Boeing Company, and the Maui Space Surveillance Site.